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Clients can select among AMC services on a bundled or unbundled basis to achieve the best outcomes at the lowest costs.

Medical Provider Network/PPOs

Providing Better Care at the Lowest Possible Costs. It works for everyone.

Our medical provider networks (MPN) and preferred provider organizations (PPOs) provide another opportunity to save on medical care costs. We understand that every Client has unique needs and this is why Allied Managed Care, Inc. (AMC) works with multiple PPO’s nationwide and can customize a MPN to meet your individual needs. An example of AMC MPN capabilities is our Network Service Entity MPN for the entire state of California. What this means is our Clients have no state filing, we can add Clients to MPN and take the entire responsibility of the network.

We thoroughly vet providers to ensure knowledge in treating workers’ compensation related claims and return to work programs providing our Clients with the lowest possible cost and avoiding abuse of treatment and narcotics. To enhance cost-saving possibilities, AMC can also negotiate special fees and discounts with non-PPO providers. Our goal is to provide you with the network you need Nationwide

To discuss MPN networks in your community, call (800) 431-6336.

“Our company encourages and supports the nursing teams and staff to utilize their critical thinking as they are applying treatment guidelines. This culture provides trust, commitment to providing excellent service, and engagement that unites AMC’s management team and workforce which is extremely rare in this industry. AMC maintains a high retention rate for both employees and customers. Ongoing training, resources, and best technology ensures AMC has the tools necessary to be successful for their clients.”

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