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Clients can select among AMC services on a bundled or unbundled basis to achieve the best outcomes at the lowest costs.


Improved outcomes for employers and employees alike

Controlling losses that arise from workers’ compensation claims is the cornerstone of our Loss Portfolio Management® philosophy. This is not just a process of pushing paper, but a commitment to finding an effective balance between employee health and your organization’s fiscal well-being. We achieve results and optimize cost efficiency by precisely tailoring loss management solutions to match your needs.

This collaborative, communication-driven, multidisciplinary approach incorporates claims examination, hands-on medical case management and effective resolution. We work in partnership with you to achieve optimal results, consistent with fair compensation for material loss and humane, competent, compassionate care for injured employees. We’ve built our business, and a stellar reputation, on these values and standards.

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“Our company encourages and supports the nursing teams and staff to utilize their critical thinking as they are applying treatment guidelines. This culture provides trust, commitment to providing excellent service, and engagement that unites AMC’s management team and workforce which is extremely rare in this industry. AMC maintains a high retention rate for both employees and customers. Ongoing training, resources, and best technology ensures AMC has the tools necessary to be successful for their clients.”

AMC – Manager

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