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The simplest way to contain the costs of medical care for injured and ailing workers is to control spending from the outset of the claim.

AMC Corporate Values Statement


We consistently demonstrate integrity
through uncompromising honesty,
discipline, excellence and respect in
everything we do.


We achieve excellence by hiring only
the best people and empowering them
with the training and resources to be


We apply disciplined, thoroughly
tested processes that ensure effective,
repeatable results.

Financial Responsibility

We vigilantly look for ways to help our
Clients control their costs and we serve
as prudent guardians of their resources.


We constantly seek innovative ways to
enhance our value to our Clients and
the opportunities we provide to our


We demonstrate respect by listening
attentively, valuing alternative points of
view, trusting each other, and keeping
our commitments.

“Our company encourages and supports the nursing teams and staff to utilize their critical thinking as they are applying treatment guidelines. This culture provides trust, commitment to providing excellent service, and engagement that unites AMC’s management team and workforce which is extremely rare in this industry. AMC maintains a high retention rate for both employees and customers. Ongoing training, resources, and best technology ensures AMC has the tools necessary to be successful for their clients.”

AMC – Manager

Serving Clients is our Purpose.
Client Service is our Passion.